Friday, December 31, 2010


So I have been doing a lot of thing about stuff, I havent been writting much latley.  In highschool, and beyond writting was my therapy.  But the past 2 years, I have been slacymous kin.  I even started an LiveJournal with annymous writting to get my feelings out there, didnt work.  My personal LJ I just updated yesterday, but before that I hadnt writtin since April.  I have a notebook diary I started 2 years ago, I've filled up about 30 pages in two years.  So I need a change.

I know I write some personal stuff in here.  And I might continue that, but I started a new blog.  I'm going to try to update it daily, with anything.  It doesnt matter, I just need to do it like a habbit, for atleast a year.  I need to feel like me again.  Its located at  so hopefully you will want to follow me and read some randomness.

Which leaves me with this blog.  I know I havent updated in a while, I had a boyfriend and spent a lot of time with him.  Well we pretty much broke up Sunday.  Its been kind of hard on me becasue I really care about him, but were going to stay friends.  So I will be on here and ETSY a lot more again.  I hope to make this blog a little more ETSY oriented than it has been.

I really love you guys.  Hopefully you all have a good New Years Eve/ New Years.  I will probably be on here, working on this, my other Blog, and etsy.  I hope to get a hair cut today, and dye my hair a new look for a new year.

See you next year!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wow, it has been more than forever since I have posted.  Sorry guys, just have been busy with Christmas and stuff.  Which also means, I havent gotten around to reading other peoples blogs or doing much on etsy.  That really makes me sad.

I however got a new phone, and Blake is going to hve an amazing christmas.  His 6 month evaluation for his therapy was last week, it went good.  He's already got a speach therapist and a cognative therapist, but we are adding an Occupational Therapist to the mix, but the OT will only come once a month, where as the others come once a week.  But he has been improving ALOT.  He is now handing me things instead of whining about it, like when he wants a drink he hands me his cup instead of standing at the fridge whining about it.  When he wants to go bye bye he has been handing me his coat, ect.  And yesterday, he finally drank out of a straw.  First time for that!  I think having him around a 4 year old and a 6 year old has helped a lot too, becasue he is picking up on things they are doing.  My baby boy is growing up so fast, but I'm glad his progress is speeding up.

For christmas I bought him a lot of books, puzzles, movies, and a few toys.  But I spent like 3 hours wrapping presents one day, he has gotten a lot!  I tried this morning to get him to open some presents, no luck.  I'm really hoping he will open his presents this year though.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost thanksgiving!

So, I have once again been a hard core slacker.  In reality, I stopped writting my novel, it was the 3rd in the series, just wasnt there yet.  I realized I need to edit my first 2 in order to write number 3.  So, epic fail on my part.  I knew I should of written about my cat and my mice!  Haha.

I have been spending like 4/7 nights over at my guys house.  Its been fun.  His kids really like me and Blake and Blake really likes them, so atleast Blake has has some kids to play with.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.  My top 2.  It wasnt surgical (They were already grown in) so it was somewhat cheap!  Like $116 for 2 teeth, that was including Nitro gas!  Next tuesday my bottom two come out.  Those should be easier, becasue in all reality, my top 2 were decaying, and parts were missing.  I really thought they would of had to go in and cut them out.  But, it only took 5 minutes a tooth.  And I dont know, I wish I would of asked to keep my teeth, they looked horrifying!  Like, The roots were sooooo long, and curved!  If you turned them upside down, they really and truly looked like an animal tooth, kind of like a tiger tooth or something.  Yes, they were curved.  Other people said theres were long, but looked normal.  Maybe the way mine were was the reason I have been getting horrible headaches latley.  Other than my teeth looking horrible and wanting to get them fixed so I dont look ridiculus, my main reason for needing my wisdom teeth out NOW was becasue I was getting HORRIBLE headaches.  And yes, I KNOW it was from my wisdom teeth.

So, 2 of my wisdom teeth are gone.  I didn't get any meds for it, they just told me to take tylenol, which is okay becasue I wouldnt of taken the meds anyway.  I just avoided sneezing right now (they told me to bc the teeth go into your nasel cavity)  And it doesnt really hurt, in all reality, it itches like all heck.  But I cant itch my gums.  Other than that, I still cant really eat.  I ate a popsicle, but I'm getting hungry :(

On better note, I got the coolest gauges ever!  They are Xero from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I love them, thanks to Giovanna Coraggio!  Shes on vacation right now but heres her etsy shop: .  And her facebook:!/pages/Glacier-Bay/Ms-Plug-It-Body-Jewelry/116802625027051?v=wall

And excuse the swollen face, but I couldnt wait for pictures, so here are some pictures of my gauges!  They stretched my ears a little bit, but it takes away from my gum pain.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have been such a slacker latley.  Like really.  I havent been updating this much.  I havent been working on my Novel, which im only 7k+ words into, out of atleast the 16k I should be at.  I havent been on etsy or ebay much.  I have just been freaking lazy!

And theres a few reasons for this.  So somebody, smack me into place.

1.  Everyone around me has been sick.  My son, my parents, the guy I am seeing, people at work.  Yes, I have been able to avoid this virus everyone has been getting.

2. I am seeing someone.  He's really col, but maybe I should stop spending so much time with him.  I really like hanging out with him, but I have been slacking hard core.  I need to get everything caught up first, right?

3.  My best friend.  Becasue I have been kind of blowing her off latley for the guy I am seeing.  So when I AM home, I am with her.

I need to clean this house so bad, to get rid of these germs.  I need to catch up on my novel becasue I will probably punish myself for the rest of forever If I do not finish it, even if it doesnt have a point.  I use to be a writer, I lost inspiration, so I need to get myself into the writting habbit again.  I need to work on my etsy shop to make it sucessful, becasue neglecting it isnt doing much to help me.  And I need to sell everything I don't need on ebay, for money and space purposes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is done and gone, shopping season begins!

Did everyone have a good Halloween?  Mine was decent.  I worked from 5 am to 3 pm, but other than that it was good.  We didn't go to many houses becasue Blakes lazy bum didn't want to walk, so I had to stroll him around.  Not fun when you have bigger kids pushing you out of the way.  But it was pretty decent.

On my way to my cousins house, we saw this thing.  I think its a turkey hawk?  Whatever it was, it was HUGE.  And it was stomping on something...

Heres Blake's hair.  Yeah I know, the spray job is kinda crappy, but I did what I could:

And him in his costume:

Anyway, ebay keeps reminding me theres only 53 days until Christmas.  This year went by extremly fast!  I got some of Blakes shopping done already, but I need to get him more.  I do however plan to try to have all my shopping done by the end of this month.  What about you guys?  Do you get your shopping done early or wait til the last minute?  I usually wait, but ths year I will try something new.  Haha.

Friday, October 29, 2010

End of October

So, sales were sucky this month.  Hopefully they will pick up next month.  I'm really hoping.

Tuesday my son had ab MRI done.  They were thinking he was possibly autistic, and wanted to see if there was anything on his brain.  He is very slowly devloped, I know know why.  He's 2 and a half and is just NOW into the babbling stage.  In the past 3 monthes he finally was able to climb up and down stairs, yeah.  Well I got the results back today.  The Neurologist said the scan was mostly normal, except for a pea sized dot on it.  He's not quite sure what it is, and says it doesnt explain Blakes delay.  But he also said that the dot wasn't anything to be concerned about just yet.  So now I'm confused, if theres nothing wrong really wrong with my child, then whats wrong with him?  So now he needs bloodwork done, to see if theres anthing that can be explained there.

Anyway, anyone doing anything special for Halloween?  We are going trick or treating.  I'm going to be a mummy, and blake is going to be a dragon.  It will be fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of October

I found a whole bunch of unfinished bracelets I've been working on for a month or so, they only needed to add beads tothe end to finish.  So I Had to buy beads, even though I didnt want to buy anything else for the rest of the month.  Now, I have 16 bracelets that I need to photograpy and list on etsy!

I can't believe we are almost done with October.  This month was the fastest yet.  So crazy!  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  I am!  As what, I don't know, but I AM!  I always do.  I'm a big kid at heart.  Halloween is my favorite day.  At first, I was going to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and make Blake Jack...but I couldnt find any Jack Costumes in Blakes size, so next year, maybe?  Hopefully!  So he will probably be a dragon.  I need to get on the whole shopping for a costume thing.  I looked at Walmart yesterday, and they didn't have anything good.  So I need to find him a dragon costume.  And me, I will probably be a fairy or pixie again, although I should probably find something diffrent since I've been a fairy since I was like 18.

What are you guys doing for Halloween?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whats new?

Hey guys, whats new?  I havent been making too much over here latley, mostly becasue the lack of sales.  Maybe if I make something new, sales might go up, but I havent been feeling up to it.  Not sure why.

But I am not giving up, just taking a break on making things for a while.  I think I'm going to spend the rest of the month promoting what I do have already.  Sunds good to me, right?

Oh, and I didn't get a chance to go to the post office on Friday, so I sent the give away packages out today.  So be expecting them in the mail :)

Since I have nothing new to share, I thought I would post what I have been hearting latley:


Friday, October 15, 2010

Well, I finished making the prizes for the give away winners, and I will most likely be mailing them off today.  Plus I had 1 order.  I'm feeling discouraged.  I've had a whole 3 orders this month.  And I've been selling on ebay and artfire.  Why!?  Is anyone else having a slow month?

I will be happy to sell $50 worth of stuff this month.  Hopefully next month is a better month.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Give away update

Hey guys!  I havent been on much the past few weeks.  But I will be on here more often.  The past few weeks have just been crazy in my life, but things are getting better so here I am.

Well, my give away was kind of a fail.  I only got 3 entrys.  So guess what?  All 3 people win a bracelet!  I will contact you guys eaither tonight or in the morning.

And for whatever reason, my sales have been crap this month.  I'm not sure why.  But I've only made about 3 dollars.  This scares me.  I hope it picks up more, I would really love to make some money this month.  My goal was $150, but I would of been happy with $100.  Now I'm just hoping to get $50!!  Seems like I need to rethink some things...

I really need to buy a calander.  And make a list.  And stick to that list.  Of like things to do in a day.  Becasue I'm a stay at home mom for the most part (only work weekends) so you would think I have time to do stuff.  And actaully, I do.  I have just been lazy.

So here I am, I WILL turn my life around about right, NOW.  And stop being lazy.  Becasue its really not getting me anywhere.

How are things for everyone else?

Friday, October 1, 2010


How is it already October?  I mean, seriously.  Over here, September was kind of cold.  Until the last week, when its been really nice.  I hope October is kind of warm this year.  I def can't wait til Halloween.

I made a total of $99.99 last month out of my $160 goal.  Gah.  Atleast I made that much, though.  I already spent $20 this month, on 100 Bubble wrap mailers.  That is the ONLY money I plan on spending on my shops except for the listing fee.  I have been selling a bit on ebay too, and they have free auction listing fee's until January so hopefully I will be able to list everything and sell a lot on there.

So, one more week until my give away is over.  I only have 3 participants at the moment.  I'm hoping to get to atleast 10.  So I will be working extremly hard to promote that until about Thursday.

Hope everyones been having a good week!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Well guys, its time for a give away!  I havent done one of these before, so hopefully we don't run into any problems along the way.
Today is Friday Sept 24, 2010.  The contest will start today.  The contest will end Friday October 8th, 2010.  And hopefully I will have a winner announced that weekend, if not, then Monday October 11th for sure.

The winner will win ONE skull bracelet, custom made to their size.

Please leave me your contact info so if you win, I have a way to get a hold of you.

To enter:
Go to my store at and tell me your favorite item.  (1 point)

Other entries (must do the above first)
Fan me on facebook: (1 point)
Make sure to leave me a message on here telling me you fanned me and under what name.
Follow me on Twitter: (1 point)
Leave me a message here telling me your following me and under what name.

Tweet this give away (2 points)
Promote this give away on your facebook page (2 points)
Blog about this give away (2 points)

With the above, make sure to leave me a link on here so I can see that you actually did it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Its been a while...

Follow my blog with bloglovin

So it has definantly been a while since I've updated.  I've sold a couple of items, which is always good.


I have reached 50 followers!  So I will be hosting a give away!!  I don't have details yet, I will be working on that this week.  But it makes me happy that I have 50 followers.

I made a new necklace, it is pretty.  Heres a picture of it:

And a cat collar, which I would be happy to turn into a necklace if someone wanted it:

Other than that, I have been busy working with Blake.  I took him to a neurologist today.  The Neurologist took blood test 6 monthes ago and they came back normal, so he said the next step would be a brain scan.  So that will be comming up in a month or 2.  He said there is a good chance he may be slightly autistic, but isnt saying yet.  I just wish I knew why my child will not talk.  Or pay attention to people.  Although, he is VERY VERY smart.

Now, off to catch up on reading blogs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New items

First of all, I would like to thank Jessah from Bright Circle for helping me and giving me tips on how to get more sales.  Becasue of her, I joined!  So hopefully that will help my sales.

And while I'm at it, I dont think I ever really Thanked Cheryl from Oh To Me A Muse for giving me tips on how to improve my blog and mentioning me in her blog. 

So thank you both!

Now, I have been working on new items.  I've been changing my style a lot, in a way.  I'm hoping to find something that will sell.  I'm not going to wonder off too far from what I do yet, but I have been trying new things.

Heres is a new spiral rainbow hemp bracelet.  This one is really toned down though, with a lot of natural hemp but still a slight hint of color, for the people who like rainbows but don't want the "bam in your face" color effect.

And I made a bohemian necklace.  I dont have it modeled yet, but it is up for sale on my site already.
This measures about 35 inches long!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Things are looking up.

Today was a good day in my sales world.  I sold one bracelet, sold some beads on ebay, am doing 2 trades  and have a custom order for 2 anklets!  This makes me feel a little better becasue I havent been getting much.

I bought 2 month advertisement for $40...I'm getting nothing from it.  That brought me down.  And I readded up my debts, yeah over $400 down.  I'm so depressed about that.  I'm still hoping to make up atleast $150 of that this month.  In which I have about $12/$150 of that.  Hopefully I can reach $100.

I hope everyone else is doing better.  I do read blogs, and my computers slow so sometimes I can't comment.  Sorry guys.  I try to comment on your blogs though, when my computer allows.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ahhh Scared/Excited.

So, I don't have my drivers liscense.  I'm 22 years old, and have a child, but don't have my liscense.  I've always been scared of drving around other cars.  Well, I did it.  I drove to a Quick Trip that wasnt right next to my house to get milk.  I drove, and there were other moving vehicals around me.  But I drove.  I had some rocky moments.  But no accidents.  And I made it home alive.  And my fear isnt completly marked off, but...I did it.  I overcame my fear.  Not extremly comfortable yet, but i'm working on it.

Go me?

Just thought I would rave about the scariest expericance I had.  Seriously, driving 40 mph was scarier than a ride I went on where I was flung up into the air and spinning halfway upside down.  That was a scary ride, and yet, controlling a vehical was scarier.

I know, I'm a big baby.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Anyone Have kids?

I'm cleaning out my room and trying to get rid of my sons old clothes.  Im trying ebay before going to Once Upon a Child.  I know, its a lot more work but its whatever.  Mostly I have baby stuff listed, but if anyone has any kids up to 24 monthes let me know, I can post that stuff sooner.

I'll be adding a whole bunch of new stuff up until Sept 7th whenever the listings arent free anymore.

My eBay items
- qsell

Lot of 3 baby boy pants 12 monthes

Lot of 3 baby boy shorts 24 monthes

Lot of 4 baby chew rags with animals pig giraffe cat do

Baby Boy Overalls size 0-3 monthes jean and green

4 pairs of toddler pants 18 monthes skulls camoflauge

Two pairs of Baby boy pants size 12 monthes

Black hemp bracelet Hot Topic Goth Punk Halloween skull

Skull hemp bracelet Hot Topic Goth Punk Halloween

Two pairs of baby boy shoes sz 3 and 4 Faded Glory

Rainbow hemp bracelet with glow in the dark beads

Black Hemp bracelet w Red coral beads Surfer hot topic

Juniors sz Large Lounge pants No Boundries Black & Red

Little Miss Sunshine Mr men Show HOT TOPIC

Hemp Bracelet with blue and pink Turquoise beads

Assorted Glass beads in all colors

Ocean Avenue [ECD] by Yellowcard (CD, Jul-2003, Capi...

Black Gray and Red GAP pullover


Black Mens shorts Athletic Works Hot Topic
Free Quick*Sell Gallery from ISDN*tek

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September guys!

I cant believe its already September.  Where did the summer go?  Where did the YEAR go?

My goal is to make $5 a day to get to 160 by the end of September.  That would make up HALF my debt.  And I've been doing good with that.  Nothing sold on ETSy, but my Highschool friend sold 4 bracelets today, making me $8!!  And I had to make a custom bracelet for a friend of hers, so atleast $1 made tomorrow.  And since its only a half day tomorrow, shes not bringing my stuff to school, which is okay.  I cant make her sell it all the time.

I am working on Halloween things.  I've actually added quite a few new things in my shop.  Here are some pictures:

On other note, today has been a busy day.  Blake has ketchup for the first time today.  He's still iffy on it.  I'm not a big ketchup fan myself, but if he wants it then he can have it.

I took down the baby crib, it was taking up a lot of space in the living room.  I'm going to have to find a place to put all the peices now.

The cats have now discovered the mice.  I had the door to my room open, not a good idea.  Yeah, Buddy and Bongo just sit at the cage and look confused.  Marbles ignores them.  And Frankie tried to attack them through the cage.

And I have been listing things on ebay like crazy.  I still plan on moving soon, and yeah.  I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible.  And all my stuff is cheap too.  And I'm throwing in some of my bracelets on ebay, I already sold one!  But I figure its advertisement, so why not take it?

Monday, August 30, 2010

One day at a time

Well, I didn't reach my $60 mark for this month.  I pretty much reached $15.  Awesome.  So my next goal was $150, and I would need to make about $5 a day in September.  This is going to be hard.

I need to find new places to promote.  I bought artfire pro, so hopefully that will start to help soon.  I'm only testing it out for a month.  And my best friend has been helping me sell my bracelets.  Shes still in highschool, and the highschoolers are interested in my dollar bracelets.  Maybe I should just keep my sale section and make a dollar section.  One dollar goes a long way.

So heres to hoping that I can reach $160.  I would LOVE to make up my debt by the end of the year, and next year start adding more things.

I do however have a cute new bracelet coming out soon.  Hopefully that will sell.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Dress

So, I dont know if you guys really know this, but as much as I love to watch the style network and am interested in fashion, I do not dress the part.  I wear boys clothes and old skool Hot Topic clothes.  Like old Tripp pants and Kikwear, MacGirl, MacGear and KikGirl.  Mostly, I LOVE JNCO.  I miss JNCO, but I'm always buying JNCO on ebay.

And I dont wear makeup.

Well, I'm going to a wedding next month, and I didn't have a dress.  Well, I have a TRIPP NYC Dress, and a sun dress thats black and white, but not wedding type dresses and I never wear them.  So I bought a really pretty dress.  Or in my opinion, a really pretty dress.

Yes, Lacy now owns a dress.  My family is going to flip.

Its Bohemian, and I always said, if I were to dress normal, or like a girl, I would have a Bohemian type style.

I bought it on ETSY today, but I've had my eye on it for a while.  Its somewhere in Thiland, so hopefully it gets here in time for Sept 24th!!

Here it is:

Monday, August 23, 2010


Okay, so I am having a sale starting today until the end of August.  All of my unbeaded hemp bracelets (execept for 2 that I used a lot of hemp on) are on sale for $1 plus shipping and handeling!  Plus I am making some more right now to add tonight/tomorrow!  Go check it out and buy buy buy!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday everyone.

Happy Sunday guys.  One more day of work for me then off for 3 days.  But I'm neverreally off becasue I'll be making stuff to put in my shop, taking pictures and posting.  And cleaning out my room and putting stuff up on ebay.  I should really make myself a schedule and stick to it.

I really think I'm going try to sell half of my supplies.  And just start fresh.  I kind of have a better idea now of what I want then I did when I first started a couple of monthes ago.

And 13 more followers until i have a give away and feature a blog!!  I really think I am going to let the winner pick one bracelet under $6 from my shop.  And if its not the right size then I will make a custom one that is the right size. 

Now, I just dont know how to pick the winner.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Becasue I'll probably just put everyones name in a hat and pick one out for the give away.  The shop, I'll just blog about the one that catches my eye the most.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Mine was better than they have been in a while.  Thursday my ex and I hung out for the first time since we broke up.  We might try to work things out, not right now, becasue we both know if we try now its just not going to work.  But sometime in the future.  Hopefully the near future becasue I miss him terribly!  But atleast I'm getting somewhere, we wernt even talking, so this could be a good sign?

And, Peppy is gaining weight!  I think the little mouse is getting a lot better!  I'm not ready to lose eaither of them yet so I'm excited he is gaining his weight back :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well, Its Thursday once again

Which means I have to work all weekend.  I hate it.  I really really hate it.  I'm looking for a new job becasue I'm starting to not be able to handel this anymore.  Horrible?  Probably.

I wish my etsy shop would take off.  Or do better.  I already have 50 items listed!  Well, actually 49 becasue ones a trade, so yeah.

I'm hoping to make 3 or 4 new bracelets today.  I dont really have the right beads to make necklaces, and wont for a while.  Not until I get money in my paypal account.  No more buying supplies, the money I spend on that shop now is mostly going to be advertising (not alot though, just craftcult) and the .20 fee to list an item.

Hopefully everyone is having better luck with their shops!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ode to Peppy and Belle

So the past week or so, Peppy has been sick.  He just hasnt been his normal self.  Actually the past 2 days he's been doing a lot better.  Hopefully the end isnt here for him soon, I would miss the little guy too much :(

Anyway, heres the history about Peppy and Belle.

So my ex boyfriend has a snake, its name is Knogg.  Well, Mr. Knogg wasnt so hungry one week, and my ex has bought some mice.  At that point in time, his mom just moved back in and wasnt sleeping in the same room as his father, so she moved into my ex's room, leaving us to sleep in the living room.  Well for a week straight I couldnt sleep at his house becasue whenever I almost fell asleep I heard jumping.  I felt so bad for the mice becasue I knew their fate, and tried to ignore it.  But one day, I had enough.  I couldnt stand their fate and I had gotten attached to them.  So I begged and cried for this little white mouse and this little black mouse.  Well my ex told me if by the end of the week Knogg hadn't eaten them, they would be mine. 

So everyday I hoped.  I hoped and hoped.  And guess what?

Thanksgiving weekend I brought home 2 preciouse mice.  Their names were to be Peppy (after Peppy la Pew) and Snowbelle (a mouse on a disney cartoon).

I love them.  They are feeder mice, and feeder mice only live a year or 2.  Its almost been a year.  I'm not thrilled at all...

Male.  Loves sunflower sead and corn. Friendly.  Easy going.

Male. Loves to run on the wheel.  Fat.  Bully.  Anti Social. 

So since Peppy seemed sick, even though hes getting better today I decided to take pictures with them.  Hope you all enjoy :)

Mouse Cage

Another view of the mouse cage:



Friday, August 13, 2010

Help me reach my goals please?

So I have made up a list for my finances...kind of.  I am in fact about 300 dollars in debt becasue of this hobby.  Suckish.  So I made a somewhat easy sheet for me to achieve, hopefully.  That is, if people buy things...

By the end of August, I want to have atleast 60 dollars in my paypal account.  At the moment, I have $10.  So help me sell $50 worth of stuff!

Anyone doing any blog features?  I'd love to be featured.
Anyone selling advertisement on their blog?  I'd love to look into it!

Instead of a give away at 100 fans, I'll have one at 50 followers!  Were getting close guys!

Right now, I'm just working my etsy shop to make up my supplies debt.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  Thanks!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well, its Thursday once again

...and I hate Friday-Monday.  I keep having nightmares about work.  It just sucks so bad.  I'm looking for a new job.  I'm ready...

I havent been doing so well this week.  I wanted to make and list a lot of bracelets, didnt happen as planned.  So next week I will work twice as hard. 

But I have listed a few new items in my shop.  I even sold a couple!  But paypal is holding the funds for one of the bracelets.  That kind of sucks.  I'd like to ship it like now, but I see thats not going to happen.

I've also been working on my room, trying to make a REAL work space. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some new stuff

I have posted some new stuff in my shop, come check it out!!

I need to list one more thing to get to my "List 5 things a day."  So check back later too!

Oh, and if anyone knows how to improve my blog (Like add advertizements or cute stuff at the sides) let me know please!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Top Blogs Award!!!

So today was my last day of work for 3 days.  I need a longer vacation from that place.  Let me tell you!  Haha.  I don't want to leave until I have a better job, but I'm thinking about just settling for a diffrent job.  No more fast food though.  NO MORE FAST FOOD!  Maybe Target or Gordmans or something like that.  But I'd really like a bookstore or a library.

I was going to hang out with the new boy today, but I guess not?  I dont know, I guess signals got crossed or something.  But I'm kind of glad it worked out this way.  He might come over for a little bit tonight.  Eaither way, I think I made up my mind about what is going to happen.  I really like him.  REALLY REALLY like him, but you know, the more I think about it, the more I hate the idea of having a boyfriend again.  Maybe there will be a future for us, in the future.  But right now, I'm just not diggin it.  I want to be single for a while.  For the first time, single doesnt feel so lonely.

So I got my beads in the mail today!  Yay.  and I bought a bead organizer.  I cleaned my room some, cleaned out the mice cage, cleamed some house, took a nap, played with my son.  I think I'm going to put my futon up to a couch and make a lot more room in my room.  And set up a work space, an official "Peppy and Belle Jewelry work space."  I doubt I'm going to get around to it this week, but heres fingers crossed hoping I can work on it a lot.

I'm going to start to make 7 new things a day, list 5.  I'll start listing tomorrow :)

And last but not least.  I got my very first blog award :)  Yay!

Here are the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous
4. Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award!

Thank you Bright Circle for chosing me for this award!

Hmm...7 things about me:

1. I love Hanson. That is probably one of the only things about me that will never change.
2. My 2 year old son is amazing. He doesnt talk yet, but he's one smart cookie:)
3. I'm new to the blogging world, kind of. I've had a live journal for many years, but for my own use only. It was always only friends only. So I'm not sure what to blog about, someone give me ideas?
4. I'm pretty shy and quiet, most of the time. But once you get to know me I can be outgoing.
5. Orange is the coolest color ever :)
6. I love animals. I have 4 cats and 2 mice :)
7. My phone only works off and on. Its been through so much, poor phone.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whats been going on...

So the Hanson concert was AMAZING!!  I mean, AMAZING.  It was probably one of their best I have been to, and I've been to a lot of them.  They played for a really long time, and had so much energy.  The walk, however was hot.  Hanson does these charity walks barefoot for their charity.  For every person that walks they donate a dollar to kids in Africa. And STL was HOTTT!!  My feet were burning, never, and I mean never, have my feet hurt that bad from a walk.  And I've even walked in Orlando FL with them and it wasnt THAT bad.  But I know I helped do a good thing, so thats all that matters, right?

I dont know if there are any hanson fans on here, but here was their setlist:

1. Waiting For This medley

2. Make It Out Alive

3. If Only

4. And I Waited

5. A Minute Without You

6. Get Up & Go

7. Hey

8. Carry You There


9. Musical Ride

10. Strong Enough To Break

11. Me Myself and I

-back to electric-

12. Been There Before

13. Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

14. Where's The Love

15. Madeline

16. Kiss Me When You Come Home

17. Penny and Me

18. Voice In The Chorus

19. MMMBop

20. Give A Little

21. Dancing In The Street

22. Man From Milwaukee
I was so excited that Man From Milwaukee was the encore.  Favortie song1  And only the second time I've heard it!  (First time being at the 5 of 5 concert series they just had back in April where they played one album a night)
Other than that, I set up a Tumblr.  I want to see how well that works.  I'm going to be adding a lot of new things to my ebay this week, so I'll post a link on here when I have stuff posted.  I just need to clean out my room.

I'll also start adding new things to my ETSY page.

I have been really but latley with work and life, but have made a couple of new items.  Hopefully these go over better!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've been think about something other than you...

So, tonight I get to see my favorite band!  HANSON!  I'm so excited.  I mean, I just say them in April and May, but I can never get enough Hanson concerts.  They are amazing.  And this will be my 21st Hanson concert <3

I have been making bracelets liek crazy and working on a couple of necklaces.  I have to go visit my grandpa tomorrow becasue he wont be around much longer then work all weekend.  So probably Monday or Tuesday I will be posting new stuff!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new...

So I hope everyone had a good weekend!  I didnt, work was stressful.  But I just got to shake it off.  Right?  Just wish things would change around there.

So I met a guy.  He really likes me.  I like him too.  I dont know if I'm ready to move on from my ex though.  I still love my ex.  But he told me theres no chance of ever getting back together again.  That hurts, it hurts so much.  But I have to move on eventually right?  So I might give this new guy a chance, he's pretty awesome.  But we will just see.

I got more supplies in the mail today.  Have been making a few new things that I think I might list mid August.  I hope to start to get more sales soon.  I have some really good ideas for some of my glass pendants, but I'm just waiting for the rest of my beads to come in.

Have a good day/week everyone !!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


I now have a total of 20 followers!  Welcome everyone who has started to follow me recently!

Well today I havent made anything new.  I dont think I'll make much new stuff on days that I work my real job.  My job at Hardees is fun, yet stressful.  I swear, if your not going to listen to your manager and back talk them, what the point of coming into work?  Why work there?  I dont know.  But when I told this girl to do stuff, she just kept telling me no.  Yes, she is older than me.  Yes, she use to be a shift leader also, but shes not anymore and I am her manager.  LISTEN TO ME!  And dont boss me around, I know what I am doing.

I have made like 5 new bracelets, but I dont think I will list them until sometime next month.  They are like fall themed, so I will list them right before fall starts.  I have finally made 2 sales, well, one hasnt paid yet.  So hopefully they pay soon.  I have also made a trade.  I am sending her dragon charms in return for wood beads.

My back hurts, so bad.  I have been so sore latley.  I dont know why.  Well, I kind of have an idea, but I don't know.

All I know is I need to clear out my room.  Get rid of a lot of stuff, make some money, not aquire more stuff, and move into my own place.  Where I can have my own room, and blake can have his own room, and be away from these crazy people who are suposed to be my parents.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!  I dont know how much I will be posting throughout it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone!

So its Thursday, or well, My friday.  I get to work 11 hour shifts for the next 3 days and then a 7 hour shift on Monday.  Wooo.  Although, I like getting off work at 11 am on Mondays, it give me the whole day to do whatever, really.

I think I need to make myself a schedule.  Becasue right now is Chaos.  Haha.

I got my Glass Lampwork Pendants in the mail today!  Wooo!  I have some good ideas for a few of them, a few I'm kind of lost right now but I will figure it out.  I made a bracelet that is pumpkin themed that I will put up at the end of september.  Its almost finished, but I want a pumpkin bead or something to put through the loop instead of just connecting a metal clasp like I usually do.  I'm thinking about ending my bracelets with beads from now on, or atleast when I run out of my clasps.

I'm going to be listing some beads online that I dont use anymore.  Some glass beads and some of those abc beads.  Hopefully they sell so I can make a couple of dollars.

Other than that, Blake had a speach therapy appointment again today.  We have 2 diffrent therapists come 2 times a week to our house.  This only started last week so theres not improvement yet, but I always tell Blake that people are coming to play with him, becasue thats what they mostly doo, they play.

And I thought I would share my work space with you all.  Its only my livingroom.  And I took a picture of my room, once I get it cleaned and stuff, then I might make that my work space until I move.  Which will hopefully be the end of this year to the middle of next year.  I'm ready to be away from my parents!

So heres the pictures.  I will do after pictures of my room once its all done!  Have a good day guys!

Parents livingroom where I make all my bracelets.  Blake is standing on the couch.

Where I sit on etsy half the day.  And yes, That cat (Buddy) lays there a lot.

My room needs cleaned, and I need to make it my awesome work space.
BTW, That is a mouse cage on the floor.  My mice's names are Peppy and Belle.

My dresser drawer where I keep all my suppies.  What a mess!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yeah, so in debt.

My store has made me so in debt so far, and its only been open 14 days!  I bought some more hemp today, and with that my total debt is almost $300!!!  I didnt want to go over 200, but then I found some more money I spent and didnt add it up.  So yeah.  I'm thinking about clearing our some of my old beads and selling them on etsy, still trying to sell all those charms.  And hopefully get some bracelets sold.  When all thats said and done, and I reach $150 made, I might buy some more supplies, depending on what I have left.  Hopefully August will be a better month.

I made a really pretty necklace earlier, but it was hard.  Blake and my cats kept trying to eat the string.  And then it turned out too short.  It wont even fit around my neck, and I have a small neck.  So I will remake it when Blake naps or goes to bed for the night.  It is a pretty awesome necklace though.  Hopefully it will sell fast and find a good home.

I have 17 followers at the moment.  Hopefully I'm not too boreing and scaring everyone away.  But I think once I hit 50 followers I will promote someone else's blog and store.  100 followers I will possibly have a give away. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I dont know why

But blogspot is kind of complicated to me.  Random, yes.  I like Livejournal and Xanga better.  But I will give this a few more chances since this is what most people on ETSY use.

So yesterday I took Blake to get a hair cut.  He's got a mohawk.  And not a fohawk.  He's got a MOHAWK!  My 2 year old is the coolest.

His speach therapy appointment was today.  Hepayed more attention this time than last week.  And hes got another appointment Thursday.  It will be interesting.  Hopefully he will start to talk soon.

But other than that I got some new beads in the mail today.  Anyone selling any really awesome Halloween beads?  Let me know if you are.  I posted one new item today.  I just used twice the hemp strands to make the bracelet.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  So go check it out.

And are sales going to pick up soon?  I went to my limit on supplies.  $200.  I dont to spend any more until I make atleast $100.  I dont want to put myself in hard core debt.  Although I've only had my shop open 12 days.  But I compare it to similar shops, and I feel like maybe I'm not advertising enough?  But I feel like I'm doing a lot.  Oh well.

Maybe once I make up my supplies limit then I can buy me a new phone.  Becasue Blake broke mine.  But this almost seems liberating, not having a cell phone.  Maybe it will help me get back to reality.

Have a good day guys.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


My cat Frankie tries to steal my cheese sticks everytime I eat them.  But why?  I mean, hes not going to EAT them.  Oh no, everytime I give this cat food, he plays with it like it s a play toy.  Crazy cat.

But I love him.

My mice, on the other hand, never try to steal my food.  Thats why they get a jewelry store named after them.  Shout out, Peppy and Belle!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just another day...

So Work was interesting today.  Coworkers got into an argument, I thought there were going to be fists thrown.  I tried to stop it, but I was scared to get in the middle, in fear of getting hurt. 

all I want to know is seriously, why cant people just get along?

Why cant people respect their managers?

And why fight over who is going to fill the ice?

And yes, you read that right.  They were fighting over who was going to fill ice in the dining room!!

I'm glad i'm home now.  Just hanging out with my son, and maybe make a bracelet or 2.  I'm really just waiting for new beads to come in the mail before I start to make stuff.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some of my stuff

Buy Handmade

So here is some of my stuff...

Heres a couple of bracelets I have made. I have 25 things for sale in my etsy shop. Go check it out!

So here is some of my stuff...

My first attempt at the blogging world.

Well hello everyone. This is my first blog, I'm not exactly sure what to do with it yet. I've had live journal and xango before, but never used them for anything other than personal use. And here, I want to try to sell my hand made stuff.
So to introduce myself, my name is Lacy, I'm a single mother to an amazing son, and a manager at a fast food resturante. I havent been to college yet, mostly becasue I didnt know what I wanted to do. All my life I wanted to be a writer. I still do. I have written a few books and many poems and stories. But it just didnt seem right to go to school for that.
Latley I've had an interest in making bracelets. I love it. I found etsy and I'm hooked. So I think I want to try to make and sell bracelets for a living. Dont laugh yet. Through making bracelets, I have decided I want to go to school for business and try to work for myself. If I cant do that, well with a business degree I can pretty much do anything, right?
I've been using twitter and facebook to try and promote my etsy shop. Not one sale yet! Hopefully I will get the sales soon.
I occasionally want to feature a blog. Maybe once a month? I'll just have to see how it goes.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.