Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yeah, so in debt.

My store has made me so in debt so far, and its only been open 14 days!  I bought some more hemp today, and with that my total debt is almost $300!!!  I didnt want to go over 200, but then I found some more money I spent and didnt add it up.  So yeah.  I'm thinking about clearing our some of my old beads and selling them on etsy, still trying to sell all those charms.  And hopefully get some bracelets sold.  When all thats said and done, and I reach $150 made, I might buy some more supplies, depending on what I have left.  Hopefully August will be a better month.

I made a really pretty necklace earlier, but it was hard.  Blake and my cats kept trying to eat the string.  And then it turned out too short.  It wont even fit around my neck, and I have a small neck.  So I will remake it when Blake naps or goes to bed for the night.  It is a pretty awesome necklace though.  Hopefully it will sell fast and find a good home.

I have 17 followers at the moment.  Hopefully I'm not too boreing and scaring everyone away.  But I think once I hit 50 followers I will promote someone else's blog and store.  100 followers I will possibly have a give away. 


  1. Hi there! I'm one of your new followers from the forum on Etsy :) I think that's exactly what scares me about getting stuck into my shop properly - all the money you have to fork out for supplies and materials without knowing what's going to sell! The necklace is looking great though, good luck with it :D

  2. I started very small and then started ordering large amounts of supplies... just do with what you have until all that sells. Then get more. I'd just hole away as much as possible until then and promote promote promote!

  3. I can sometimes be a little in denial about costs, but I guess I just run my shop for fun. (Most of my stuff is on my new site where it's free to post - my store there is