Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone!

So its Thursday, or well, My friday.  I get to work 11 hour shifts for the next 3 days and then a 7 hour shift on Monday.  Wooo.  Although, I like getting off work at 11 am on Mondays, it give me the whole day to do whatever, really.

I think I need to make myself a schedule.  Becasue right now is Chaos.  Haha.

I got my Glass Lampwork Pendants in the mail today!  Wooo!  I have some good ideas for a few of them, a few I'm kind of lost right now but I will figure it out.  I made a bracelet that is pumpkin themed that I will put up at the end of september.  Its almost finished, but I want a pumpkin bead or something to put through the loop instead of just connecting a metal clasp like I usually do.  I'm thinking about ending my bracelets with beads from now on, or atleast when I run out of my clasps.

I'm going to be listing some beads online that I dont use anymore.  Some glass beads and some of those abc beads.  Hopefully they sell so I can make a couple of dollars.

Other than that, Blake had a speach therapy appointment again today.  We have 2 diffrent therapists come 2 times a week to our house.  This only started last week so theres not improvement yet, but I always tell Blake that people are coming to play with him, becasue thats what they mostly doo, they play.

And I thought I would share my work space with you all.  Its only my livingroom.  And I took a picture of my room, once I get it cleaned and stuff, then I might make that my work space until I move.  Which will hopefully be the end of this year to the middle of next year.  I'm ready to be away from my parents!

So heres the pictures.  I will do after pictures of my room once its all done!  Have a good day guys!

Parents livingroom where I make all my bracelets.  Blake is standing on the couch.

Where I sit on etsy half the day.  And yes, That cat (Buddy) lays there a lot.

My room needs cleaned, and I need to make it my awesome work space.
BTW, That is a mouse cage on the floor.  My mice's names are Peppy and Belle.

My dresser drawer where I keep all my suppies.  What a mess!!!

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