Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I dont know why

But blogspot is kind of complicated to me.  Random, yes.  I like Livejournal and Xanga better.  But I will give this a few more chances since this is what most people on ETSY use.

So yesterday I took Blake to get a hair cut.  He's got a mohawk.  And not a fohawk.  He's got a MOHAWK!  My 2 year old is the coolest.

His speach therapy appointment was today.  Hepayed more attention this time than last week.  And hes got another appointment Thursday.  It will be interesting.  Hopefully he will start to talk soon.

But other than that I got some new beads in the mail today.  Anyone selling any really awesome Halloween beads?  Let me know if you are.  I posted one new item today.  I just used twice the hemp strands to make the bracelet.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  So go check it out.


And are sales going to pick up soon?  I went to my limit on supplies.  $200.  I dont to spend any more until I make atleast $100.  I dont want to put myself in hard core debt.  Although I've only had my shop open 12 days.  But I compare it to similar shops, and I feel like maybe I'm not advertising enough?  But I feel like I'm doing a lot.  Oh well.

Maybe once I make up my supplies limit then I can buy me a new phone.  Becasue Blake broke mine.  But this almost seems liberating, not having a cell phone.  Maybe it will help me get back to reality.

Have a good day guys.


  1. If my 2 year old was a boy, she would have a mohawk, too! You rock Momma! I have a fohawk :) I blame it on being an artist, ha!

    Stopped by your shop, too. Love this bracelet http://www.etsy.com/listing/52488720/black-hemp-spiral-glow-in-the-dark?ref=v1_other_1 although I have to say any hemp bracelets I'm drooling over! Maybe bf needs to get me a bday present from you :P

    Found you on the Etsy forum and following :)


  2. ... Okay, trying to follow but blogger won't let me click on the link... will come back later and retry ...

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