Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Promo

Hey guys, hope everyone had a wonderful week.  The weather over here has been crazy.  I don't get it!  Last week was soooo warm, okay, low 70's but it was so nice and spring like!  But this week, this week has been bad.  Monday-Wensday it was Sunny, Warm, Windy, and Raining all at the same time!  Then yesterday, sleeting and raining, to end the night with a lot of snow.  It stopped snowing way early this morning, but it is still freezing outside!  How is the weather where your at?

Anyway, I joined the Trade-a-holics spring promo this year.  I've never done anything like this before, so this should be fun.  By mid march, we have to have our business cards/samples and stuff to this one girl, who is then going to seperate it all and send us all boxes of other peoples promos to hand out.  I can't really give away that many bracelets, so I am going to make a flyer with a promo code, a few pictures and a business card and send them out.

Hopefully everything has been going well with you guys.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm not quite sure why, but Blogspot was invalid to my computer all day yesterday.  Anyone else have that problem or was it just me?

Anyway, I posted about 5 new Patchwork hemp bracelets on etsy.  People keep looking at them and hearting them!  And I havent made any in a week or so, and have enough scraps to make about 7 or 8 of them.

But I will hold off and probably be working on my embroidery bracelets for the next week or so.  I have been dealing with hemp so much, I need a change.  Which is okay, right?

And on another note, I have been trying to find good, nice fitting clothes.  Anyone have any suggestions on where to shop?  All my old clothes are getting so old theyre falling apart, and I feel myself changing a little and want to look more...girly, in a way.  Not extremly girly but enough to fill this need of wanting to look nicer, while still having an edge.  Mostly, I need pants/Jeans.  I have a pair of girls pants from Old Navy, and I love them.  Unfortunally, the Old Navy up the street closed down.  So I have Gordmans I can walk to.

I hope everyones had a good week so far!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today is my birthday and I've been spending it cleaning my dresser drawer that I keep all my supplies in.  I've been collecting my scraps and making patchwork bracelets.  Filled a few orders today, from both etsy and ebay, its just been a busy creative day.  But I love it, glad my birthday is spent doing something I love.

Anyway I've gotten new stuff in the mail, going to be working on that the rest of the week/weekend/next week.  Hope to be listing a lot of new stuff soon!

Hope everyone is well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Sale!

So I reached my 100th sale today!  Made my day:)  I've been here about 7 monthes and it took a lot of hard work.  But I finally did it!

Other than that, I broke down and bought a bunch of new supplies today even though I told myself I wasnt going to buy any this month.  Oh well, Next month I wont buy any...I hope.

Hopefully everyone has had a great week.  I have so far.  Dreading the weekend becasue I have to work, but other thaqn that everything is okay over here.

I really need to blog more.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Whats up guys?  I'm ready for spring to be here, for sure!  I can't wait to spend time outside, take my son on walks, and well just not be cooped up inside anymore!

I havent revamped any items latley, I should get back to doing that soon!  I have however started a line of Embroidery bracelets, which can be found here:

And have some patchwork bracelets (that I made out of scraps) found here:

And, I made a new treasury!  Its called Bohemian Love Take 2.  I looked at my old bohemian treasury, took some of the shops from there, chose diffrent items, and then added some new items.  Heres a sneak peak of whats in the treasury:

You can find these and the rest of the treasury here:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, I hope its nice and warm where all you guys are.  Or warmer than here.  I live in Missouri, and we are having crazy weather over here.  Actually, its not as bad as I expected, but they were talknig about power outages and stuff over here.  Luckly it hasnt happened in my area yet.  Like I said, it doesnt look too bad here, but I live right outside of ST.Louis and its suposed to be worse there.  I dont know.

Anyway, I hiope everyone is doing wonderful.  I am working on a new embroidery line of bracelets.  Yay me.  Hope to have them posted soon.

I've been getting back into music latley, and have been buying cds and stuff.  Shocking for me considering after highschool, I pretty much stopped listening to music except for a few bands.  I just bough Songs For Dustmites by Steve Burnes (yes the blues clues guy, I love him), Enema Of The State- Blink 182, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket- Blink 182 and Insominaic- Greenday.  Anyone want to suggest any good music to me to take a listen to?