Monday, August 16, 2010

Ode to Peppy and Belle

So the past week or so, Peppy has been sick.  He just hasnt been his normal self.  Actually the past 2 days he's been doing a lot better.  Hopefully the end isnt here for him soon, I would miss the little guy too much :(

Anyway, heres the history about Peppy and Belle.

So my ex boyfriend has a snake, its name is Knogg.  Well, Mr. Knogg wasnt so hungry one week, and my ex has bought some mice.  At that point in time, his mom just moved back in and wasnt sleeping in the same room as his father, so she moved into my ex's room, leaving us to sleep in the living room.  Well for a week straight I couldnt sleep at his house becasue whenever I almost fell asleep I heard jumping.  I felt so bad for the mice becasue I knew their fate, and tried to ignore it.  But one day, I had enough.  I couldnt stand their fate and I had gotten attached to them.  So I begged and cried for this little white mouse and this little black mouse.  Well my ex told me if by the end of the week Knogg hadn't eaten them, they would be mine. 

So everyday I hoped.  I hoped and hoped.  And guess what?

Thanksgiving weekend I brought home 2 preciouse mice.  Their names were to be Peppy (after Peppy la Pew) and Snowbelle (a mouse on a disney cartoon).

I love them.  They are feeder mice, and feeder mice only live a year or 2.  Its almost been a year.  I'm not thrilled at all...

Male.  Loves sunflower sead and corn. Friendly.  Easy going.

Male. Loves to run on the wheel.  Fat.  Bully.  Anti Social. 

So since Peppy seemed sick, even though hes getting better today I decided to take pictures with them.  Hope you all enjoy :)

Mouse Cage

Another view of the mouse cage:




  1. glad to know the story of peppy and belle. they are adorable. i like the new additions to your blog sidebars too! i voted in your poll. :)

    Mia Delessi ( commented on my post saying your bracelets are exactly the type she's looking for. you should contact her or something.

  2. I used to work at a pet store and the worst part was feeding the mice and rats to the snakes. I can't tell you how many ended up coming home to live with me! Mice are such great little animals. I hope Peppy feels better!

  3. Aww. I had a pet mouse once. It got out once and bit my hand when I caught him, but I didn't hold it a gainst him. I feel your pain for the mice--my brothers have geckoes and sometimes I feel a bit bad for the feed crickets!