Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday everyone.

Happy Sunday guys.  One more day of work for me then off for 3 days.  But I'm neverreally off becasue I'll be making stuff to put in my shop, taking pictures and posting.  And cleaning out my room and putting stuff up on ebay.  I should really make myself a schedule and stick to it.

I really think I'm going try to sell half of my supplies.  And just start fresh.  I kind of have a better idea now of what I want then I did when I first started a couple of monthes ago.

And 13 more followers until i have a give away and feature a blog!!  I really think I am going to let the winner pick one bracelet under $6 from my shop.  And if its not the right size then I will make a custom one that is the right size. 

Now, I just dont know how to pick the winner.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Becasue I'll probably just put everyones name in a hat and pick one out for the give away.  The shop, I'll just blog about the one that catches my eye the most.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Mine was better than they have been in a while.  Thursday my ex and I hung out for the first time since we broke up.  We might try to work things out, not right now, becasue we both know if we try now its just not going to work.  But sometime in the future.  Hopefully the near future becasue I miss him terribly!  But atleast I'm getting somewhere, we wernt even talking, so this could be a good sign?

And, Peppy is gaining weight!  I think the little mouse is getting a lot better!  I'm not ready to lose eaither of them yet so I'm excited he is gaining his weight back :)


  1. Hanging out with your ex is DEFINITELY a good sign (says the woman who's never had a boyfriend) that you can be buddies, which is I think, more important than 'getting back together'.

  2. Yeah, I guess you could be right. But Ive known him for like 9 years. And I just know he is the one. But I guess soulmates arent always lovers.

  3. that's good news for peppy, and i think the giveaway idea is great.