Friday, October 29, 2010

End of October

So, sales were sucky this month.  Hopefully they will pick up next month.  I'm really hoping.

Tuesday my son had ab MRI done.  They were thinking he was possibly autistic, and wanted to see if there was anything on his brain.  He is very slowly devloped, I know know why.  He's 2 and a half and is just NOW into the babbling stage.  In the past 3 monthes he finally was able to climb up and down stairs, yeah.  Well I got the results back today.  The Neurologist said the scan was mostly normal, except for a pea sized dot on it.  He's not quite sure what it is, and says it doesnt explain Blakes delay.  But he also said that the dot wasn't anything to be concerned about just yet.  So now I'm confused, if theres nothing wrong really wrong with my child, then whats wrong with him?  So now he needs bloodwork done, to see if theres anthing that can be explained there.

Anyway, anyone doing anything special for Halloween?  We are going trick or treating.  I'm going to be a mummy, and blake is going to be a dragon.  It will be fun.

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