Monday, September 20, 2010

Its been a while...

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So it has definantly been a while since I've updated.  I've sold a couple of items, which is always good.


I have reached 50 followers!  So I will be hosting a give away!!  I don't have details yet, I will be working on that this week.  But it makes me happy that I have 50 followers.

I made a new necklace, it is pretty.  Heres a picture of it:

And a cat collar, which I would be happy to turn into a necklace if someone wanted it:

Other than that, I have been busy working with Blake.  I took him to a neurologist today.  The Neurologist took blood test 6 monthes ago and they came back normal, so he said the next step would be a brain scan.  So that will be comming up in a month or 2.  He said there is a good chance he may be slightly autistic, but isnt saying yet.  I just wish I knew why my child will not talk.  Or pay attention to people.  Although, he is VERY VERY smart.

Now, off to catch up on reading blogs.


  1. How old is Blake, if I may ask? I worked with a two-year-old who took a while to start talking, but once he did, it snowballed. They say kids talk when they're ready. Blake may just not be ready yet.

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  3. He's about 2 years and 4 monthes...He babbles alot. Sometimes he says a word but will not say it again. And he likes to "sing" and he studies letters and words and stuff. So he learning,but he wont tell us about it.

  4. good luck with blake, and i love that new necklace!