Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wow, it has been more than forever since I have posted.  Sorry guys, just have been busy with Christmas and stuff.  Which also means, I havent gotten around to reading other peoples blogs or doing much on etsy.  That really makes me sad.

I however got a new phone, and Blake is going to hve an amazing christmas.  His 6 month evaluation for his therapy was last week, it went good.  He's already got a speach therapist and a cognative therapist, but we are adding an Occupational Therapist to the mix, but the OT will only come once a month, where as the others come once a week.  But he has been improving ALOT.  He is now handing me things instead of whining about it, like when he wants a drink he hands me his cup instead of standing at the fridge whining about it.  When he wants to go bye bye he has been handing me his coat, ect.  And yesterday, he finally drank out of a straw.  First time for that!  I think having him around a 4 year old and a 6 year old has helped a lot too, becasue he is picking up on things they are doing.  My baby boy is growing up so fast, but I'm glad his progress is speeding up.

For christmas I bought him a lot of books, puzzles, movies, and a few toys.  But I spent like 3 hours wrapping presents one day, he has gotten a lot!  I tried this morning to get him to open some presents, no luck.  I'm really hoping he will open his presents this year though.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

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