Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost thanksgiving!

So, I have once again been a hard core slacker.  In reality, I stopped writting my novel, it was the 3rd in the series, just wasnt there yet.  I realized I need to edit my first 2 in order to write number 3.  So, epic fail on my part.  I knew I should of written about my cat and my mice!  Haha.

I have been spending like 4/7 nights over at my guys house.  Its been fun.  His kids really like me and Blake and Blake really likes them, so atleast Blake has has some kids to play with.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.  My top 2.  It wasnt surgical (They were already grown in) so it was somewhat cheap!  Like $116 for 2 teeth, that was including Nitro gas!  Next tuesday my bottom two come out.  Those should be easier, becasue in all reality, my top 2 were decaying, and parts were missing.  I really thought they would of had to go in and cut them out.  But, it only took 5 minutes a tooth.  And I dont know, I wish I would of asked to keep my teeth, they looked horrifying!  Like, The roots were sooooo long, and curved!  If you turned them upside down, they really and truly looked like an animal tooth, kind of like a tiger tooth or something.  Yes, they were curved.  Other people said theres were long, but looked normal.  Maybe the way mine were was the reason I have been getting horrible headaches latley.  Other than my teeth looking horrible and wanting to get them fixed so I dont look ridiculus, my main reason for needing my wisdom teeth out NOW was becasue I was getting HORRIBLE headaches.  And yes, I KNOW it was from my wisdom teeth.

So, 2 of my wisdom teeth are gone.  I didn't get any meds for it, they just told me to take tylenol, which is okay becasue I wouldnt of taken the meds anyway.  I just avoided sneezing right now (they told me to bc the teeth go into your nasel cavity)  And it doesnt really hurt, in all reality, it itches like all heck.  But I cant itch my gums.  Other than that, I still cant really eat.  I ate a popsicle, but I'm getting hungry :(

On better note, I got the coolest gauges ever!  They are Xero from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I love them, thanks to Giovanna Coraggio!  Shes on vacation right now but heres her etsy shop: .  And her facebook:!/pages/Glacier-Bay/Ms-Plug-It-Body-Jewelry/116802625027051?v=wall

And excuse the swollen face, but I couldnt wait for pictures, so here are some pictures of my gauges!  They stretched my ears a little bit, but it takes away from my gum pain.


  1. Glad your tooth ordeal is half-over. Speaking of gauges, I saw a pair on etsy that looked like eyes!

  2. hey Lacy! sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth--i think i have to get mine pulled at some point too...dreading it!

    but i do love your gauges! NBC is my all-time favorite movie. my wedding cake was a NBC cake!

    hope all is well.