Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have been such a slacker latley.  Like really.  I havent been updating this much.  I havent been working on my Novel, which im only 7k+ words into, out of atleast the 16k I should be at.  I havent been on etsy or ebay much.  I have just been freaking lazy!

And theres a few reasons for this.  So somebody, smack me into place.

1.  Everyone around me has been sick.  My son, my parents, the guy I am seeing, people at work.  Yes, I have been able to avoid this virus everyone has been getting.

2. I am seeing someone.  He's really col, but maybe I should stop spending so much time with him.  I really like hanging out with him, but I have been slacking hard core.  I need to get everything caught up first, right?

3.  My best friend.  Becasue I have been kind of blowing her off latley for the guy I am seeing.  So when I AM home, I am with her.

I need to clean this house so bad, to get rid of these germs.  I need to catch up on my novel becasue I will probably punish myself for the rest of forever If I do not finish it, even if it doesnt have a point.  I use to be a writer, I lost inspiration, so I need to get myself into the writting habbit again.  I need to work on my etsy shop to make it sucessful, becasue neglecting it isnt doing much to help me.  And I need to sell everything I don't need on ebay, for money and space purposes.

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