Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Revamp (#3)

So this weeks revamp is the most diffrent than the other revamps.  I really LOVE it!  I need to get more charms so I can sell more than one of these.

The old one:
This was made with 1mm waxed black hemp.  This is in a spiral design with 3 guitars, then a 4th guitar for a loop and charm closure.  I didnt have jump rings at the time, so the charms were tied onto the hemp.

The revamp:
I love this.  I used waxed 1mm brown hemp and waxed 1mm brown/tan hemp for highlights.  This can actually be somewhat reversable.  This is no longer in a spiral pattern, and I added 4 brown beads for decoration.  I used brown hemp becasue most acoustic guitars are some sort of brown color. 
So, its snowing outside, and that is where I take all my pictures.  I had to take the pictures inside, so they don't look so well.  I won't put this on sale yet, I will wait to take better pictures before I put it up on etsy.  Hopefully by then, I will have more charms on the way or here already.

Let me know what you think!!

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