Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to monday

So, like two weeks ago I posted a schedule of what I was going to write on what day.  So far ive neglected Wensday-Friday.  I don't know why, so I think I need to revamp my schedule, or get motivated to write.  Eaither way works.

Things have been crazy over here.  Lots of sales on all ends.  It keeps me busy though.  And luckly I havent had any rabbit/cat figts since I've gotten my rabbit.  I let him hop around here and the cats with play with him but they don't really bother eachother much.  Always a good thing.

The ex and I have been doing good latley, makes me happy.  He doesnt take up too much of my time though, o I've been making a lot of new stuff, hoping to put them up for sale soon.

No, I am off to go read your blogs.  Happy Monday everyone :)

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