Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Revamp Tuesday (#4)

Okay, this weeks revamp is another major one.  I really like this one, I think its really cute.  The original bracelet was a spiral hemp bracelet with 5 orange dyed Jade nuggets on it.  It connected together with a loop and clasp closure.  I actually remember making the first one on a rainy day, and I had this idea.  Well my idea didnt turn out so well, but I tried to sell it anyway.  This bracelet actually got a couple of hearts.  It measured 6 inches.  I listed it for $7.

This new bracelet is made with a flat macrame design.  It has one jade nugget in the middle, surrounded by black hempp.  The base measures about 7 1/2 inches, but the length of this tie together bracelet is 14 inches.  I can make this in any size.  The jade nugget in the middle may vary.


  1. i actually like both! good luck with all the orders.


  2. Cute! I love the look of macrame .