Monday, January 17, 2011


So, the past few days have been crazy with orders!  From Etsy and Ebay!  It's been awesome, really.  I hope it keeps up.

I've been working on new stuff.  Good news is today it wasnt as cold, bad news was I didnt get time to go outside and take pictures.  And then we have more bad wheather on the way :(  Sometimes I wish my house wasnt so dark, it would be easier to take pictures and post new items.  But hopefully soon I will have fresh items in my shop :)

On Better news, As of Yesterday (the 16th) I am now the proud owner of a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.  He is a cutie!  And I got him and his cage, food and bedding for FREE from a co worker that can no longer have him.  When Blake saw him he laughed and did this dance for the rabbit, so I decided to name him Ollie after the Bunny from The Wonder Pets.  The bad thing about him is, Peppy is MAD at me.  He wont let me hold him anymore.  He will warm up to having a rabbit around, I hope...

Thats it for another anything monday.  Heres some pictures of my new family member:

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