Thursday, January 6, 2011

RIP Belle

So, I woke up this morning to find my precious little SnowBelle has passed away.  He was laying in the middle of the mouse cage, eyes open, looked kind of scafred, but was not breathing.  Peppy was hiding under the wheel in panic.  I removed peppy from the cage into a mouse carrier and gave him some food.  I'm looking for a tiny box and need a plastic glove to remove Belle.

This happened without any warning what so ever.  I mean last night he was just fine he was alive around 9 pm when I fed them before I went to sleep.  But, I guess it was his time.  He did live longer than a year.  I knew this time would be coming soon.  But it is still hard.

I'm trying to calm myself.  Is it bad that I'm crying over a mouse?  Maybe, but they were my babies.  I love them.  I sure am going to miss the little guy.  Atleast he lived a good life in a nice clean mouse cage with a friend to play with every day.

With this, I wonder how much longer I am going to have Pep with me?  I don't want to lose him too.  But I know his time is also coming soon...

I dont have any recent pictures, I've been meaning to get around to it, but its too late now. 
R.I.P. Little guy, I love you and I am going to miss you muches! 


  1. bye belle! we will miss you. hope peppy doesn't take it too badly.

  2. I'm sorry. *Hugs* It's totally normal to cry over the loss of a pet, doesn't matter what kind of pet she was.