Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Mondays

Well, its snowing over here.  I'm not very fond of the snow.  Its so wet and cold and gets the bottoms of my pants wet.  Honestly, if it were warmer and it snowed, I wouldnt be so against the snow.  But I know it doesnt wwork that way, so I will keep myself inside until it stops snowing (Probably Thursday.)

So, I decided what to do with the blog.  I have made myself a schedule on what to write about.

Mondays - Anything really.  Life, or just any random thing.  I will be updating my personal blog more if youd like to get to know me better

Tuesday- Revamp day.  Until I am done revamping old items, I will be posting one revamp item and discussing the changes.  When I am done with that, I will work on taking new pictures of my older items and posting those pictures.

Wensday:  I will be promoting one Etsy shop a week.  These are the days that I will post the shop, a few items and maybe a little about the owner.

Thursday:  New items.  I will post one or two new items I've posted throughout the week, talk a little bit about them.  I'm hoping to post one new item a day but I wont post all of them on here.

Friday- My top 5 favorite things I've seen on Etsy for the week.  I guess this is also promotion but its kind of my own personal taste and favorite items.

Saturday and Sunday.  I probably wont update much since I work all days on the weekends.

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