Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Basket Special

So yesterday I didn't write.  It was however an eventful day.  My boyfriends pet snake (a red tail boa constrictor) which is about 6 ft long, decdied to bite him, in the face!  It was kind of scary really, and the snake still proceded to try to attack him after he was let go of.  I'm def glad it wasnt one of the kids that got attacked, but this has been one of my fears of him having a snake THAT big.  But he is okay, thankfully, and has decided not to keep the snake any longer.  I don't know what he is going to do with it, but more snake.  That makes me feel a little better about moving in with him, too. 

Yesterday I made a set of four bracelets.  They are my Easter Basket special.  A blue, a pink, a lavender, and a tye dye pastel bracelet, all for 10.00 + shipping.  Hopefully a couple of them will sell.  Order by April 20 (in the U.S.) to have them there by Easter!

Click below to get to this special:

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  1. these are really cute. i love that they come in a set too.