Thursday, April 7, 2011

Newest Treasury and tips on how to make a good treasury

Its me again.  I just made a new treasury, called girly girl.  I've been making a lot of treasurys latley, some turn out good with over 100 views and lots of comments, some not so good.  I just wanted to share tips on how to make an awesome treasury and how to promote it for newbies.

1.  Pick a theme.
     Pick a theme for your treasury before you begin.  It may be hard, but once you pick a theme you will find so many great items to fit into your treasury that you wont have enough space to putthem all in.

2.  Pick great items.
     Find some great items that pop off the screen.  And make sure the picture is clear.  There are some awesome items on etsy, but if the picture is not bright, clear and able to sell the item, its probably not going to look good in your treasury.

3. Tag your treasury.
    At the side of the page, there are both popular treasury tags and popular item tags.  These can also be helpful to helping you pick your items.  The more popular tags you use, the better the chance of making a hot treasury.

4. Join teams.
    There are lots and lots of teams on etsy!  There are some awesome Treasury teams too to promote.  I am part of a few treasury teams  Some require you to make so many treasurys a week, and feature members.  I'm in a treasury team that requires you to comment on the top 15 treasurys above yours in order to help promote treasurys.  These all work, too.

5. Stay active on Etsy.
   Keep your shop fresh and stay active on the team fourms.  People are more likley to comment on your treasurys if you comment on other peoples treasurys too.

Hopefully this has help a few people.  And here is the link to my newest treasury:

Good luck everyone!

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  1. So that's what those things are called! I think you did a great job picking wonderful items.