Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesdays spotlight

Todays spotlight is:  PetalnPearlBoutique

Hi, Thanks so much. Our shop is PetalnPearlboutique and the birth of my little one Belle inspired me! She will be one in October and she is my first girl after two boys and I wanted to have some beautiful pieces for photography shoots with her so I started shopping etsy and I thought "I can do this" It really got my creativity flowing again since I have been working as a labor and delivery nurse for the last few years. Plus massage therapy, lactation counceling and birth doula, I had put aside creating with my hands for several years. Now the floodgates have opened! My friend Jen and I inspire each other and our daughters are our beautiful models! Here are a few pieces we love!

I'm especially psyched about my newest inspired items Barefoot Blossom (TM) sandals. I truly believe they are unique and adorable and could really take off!

Here are some of my favorite but if you have a minute you should check out the shop

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