Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight

So, this week's Wednesdays spotlight is bohemienneivy! Check out her shop at

Here is what she had to say:

My name is Ivy, and I create bohemian jewelry with genuine gemstones and antiqued brass, sterling silver, and gold vermeil. Many of my creations are based on French medieval legends and Celtic folklore, because I am a French teacher as well as a jewelry designer and "couturière".

In addition to designing jewelry, I also create "Renaissance Denim Couture", the name I chose for my line of fashion because I give vintage denim new life with French "bohémienne" flair.

For my couture creations, I like to upcycle vintage denim by adding lace, silk, and velvet to give it a modern bohemian look that is ultra femme and chic, but edgy and daring, too. That is exactly what the French word "bohémienne" means, and it is why I named my shop, "Bohémienne Ivy".

I decided to open my shop last year when I finally started creating jewelry, after having wanted to do just that for at least five years. This year, I decided to develop my creativity even more by putting my sewing skills and designer ideas into creating "Renaissance Denim Couture".

I also love to make jewelry to match my jean skirts, so that my customers can get a total "bohémienne" look , all in my shop!

I am most proud of my "Belle Époque" jean skirt, because its design blends a uniquely beautiful mermaid jean skirt with ultra femme ruffles. The result is an exquisite, one of a kind jean skirt that is "très chic", and "très bohémienne"!

If I could go anywhere for a week to sell my items, it would be to the south of France to the city of Avignon, because every July that city comes alive with the Festival de Théâtre. Thousands of actors, dancers, and artists flock to Avignon for the Festival, each July, and I would LOVE to sell my "bohémienne" creations to such artistic souls who would really love the "chic", original style of my couture.


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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely feature! I am honored!!