Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Been around

So May was a slow month for me, but a good one considering I had a lot going on.  I didnt spend too much time on my etsy shop, blog, facebook, ect.  But sales were better than expected for the lack of effort I put in to last month.  But this month will be better.  I've been busy with trying to get school stuff settled in for both me and my son, work, I got really sick for a few days, now a lot of stuff is taken care of and I have more free time.

I have also been looking for clothes.  My only problem is, I am broke.  No kidding, eaither.  My etsy money is seprate from my real money, so I'm not even going to tap into that.  Ebay is even more than I can afford.  So I do have a $15 dollar certificate for ebay (I bought for $7 on Groupon a while back), and a $20 certificate for Plato's closet (A retail shop around here, I also bought for $10 on Groupon).  Any other suggestions?

My biggest problem is all the clothes I still have!  I've sold some on Ebay, to make a little money to also go toward new clothes, but I seriously have 50 shirts and I wear them all, and like 20 pairs of pants and shorts and I wear them all.  But mostly, my clothes I have had since highschool, and its a sentimental value and I dont wanna let them go (even though I should).

I did break down and spend $60 on two pairs of new shoes from  The joint sneakers, becasue they my favorite.  I cant find them in stores anymore, and my pair have holes in them.  I tapped them up long enough, and finally found two pairs on the website in my size (theyre ALWAYS out of my size) so I broke down and bought some.

So if any of you have any suggestions on where to buy cheap clothes online other than ebay, let me know!  Thanks.

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