Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting stuff done

Yesterday was the day of getting stuff done.  I filled out insurance papers to renew my sons insurance, I got my FAFSA form filled in, hoping to really and truly start college in the fall.  I bought some supplies and got half of my orders made, finishing the rest today.  I cleaned and yeah.  My reward?  My boyfriend bought me a pet rat!  Well, it was a suprise and I had no idea he was going to buy me one.  He is a cutie.  Still debating on a name for him though.  Pictures to come soon.

Last week I got to see Hanson through a radio contest my mom won.  There were about 100 people there.  They played 4 songs, answered some questions, and we got free food.  It was pretty awesome.  Heres my groups picture.  I'm the one in the green Shirt, Taylor Hanson has his arm around me :)

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