Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The past week

The past week has been busy busy busy!  Last thurdsday I was featured in about 10 lovely treasuries!  It did help my sales a bit, considering I was in a little slump, which is okay becasue I needed a break for a minute.

 My babies birthday is tomorrow, hes going to be a whole 3 years old!  I need to take a picture of me and him while hes still two.  The past 3 years and 10 monthes have gone by so fast!  I still remember wqaddling around, all preggo.  Now, hes all grown up.  And the best news:  He starts pre school in August!  This is a special preschool, hes going to have 6 kids in his class with 6 teachers.  That will be good for him socially, O hope. Thats exciting and sad at the same time.  One, his therapists no longer come to the house once he starts pre school.  That could be hard on him, and me a little too at first, because I really enjoy his therapists.  Two:  I'm feeling old.  Yes, I am only 23 and I got pregnant young, but him growing up is making me realize I need to grow up too.  Its kind of sad.  So me and Blake will pretty much be starting school at the same time, which is okay becasue now whiles hes at school all days (9am to 4pm) I wont have to look for a baby sitter while I'm eaither at school or work.

Enough of my babbling, once this week is over and birthday stuff is over, I will have more time to work on my etsy shop and blog some more.  So have a good week everyone!

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