Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rest In Peace, Princess.

My beautiful Princess Marbles died last week, on Tuesday April 24.  She was diabetic, and had a bad reaction to the insulin.  She was still breathing but not responsive when I found her, so we rushed her to the Vet where they told me that she was brain dead, and her heart was going to give out.  I got a few minutes to say goodbye to my angel, and the Vet put her to sleep in my arms, at least she didn't die alone.  She looked so peaceful after she was gone, she was so sick for a while.

I had my cat since the day she was born.  she was 11 years old when she passed.  She was a beautiful princess.  So proper, playful, lovable, and sweet.  I miss her so much.  It has been a very hard week for me, obviously.

I love you Princess, I will never forget you.  Rest In Peace, sweetheart.

Marbles Marie
April 2001 - April 24, 2012

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